Overview of Clinic Services

WV Health Right cares for adult patients who have no health insurance or patients who have Medicaid/Medicare.  The clinic has a long-standing commitment to serve the working poor of our communities. We use the skills of physicians, dentists, pharmacists, nurse practitioners, nurses, and other medical professionals who volunteer their time and talents. Patients must qualify for services and are seen free of charge.

WV Health Right offers comprehensive primary and specialty care to its 19,000+ uninsured and medically underserved patients. Patients with diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, cardiovascular, and other chronic diseases have regularly scheduled access to medical supervision and medications while patients with acute illness receive care on a non-emergency basis both on-site and at volunteer specialists offices.

Women’s health issues are paramount at WV Health Right. Mammograms and pap smears are mandatory procedures that must be performed on an annual basis for all female patients 40 years of age and over.

WV Health Right operates the largest and only full-time free adult dental clinic in the state and also offers ophthalmology services to test for diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma, and eye disease.

The clinic provides a range of health education programs aimed at improving the health status of patients.  Health education is a key component of WV Health Right’s system of care. Classes address a range of issues such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes management, tobacco cessation, weight loss, nutrition education, healthy cooking, and COPD.

The clinic now has a licensed therapist on staff as well.  New behavioral health services include medication treatment under the supervision of Dr. Dan Thistlethwaite, a well-respected psychiatrist with over two decades of experience in the Charleston area, and individual and group counseling.  The clinic's therapist regularly meets with patients who need support in the areas of depression, anxiety, grieving, and addictions.  

WV Health Right also provides access to free medications for its uninsured patients through its in-house pharmacy, with over 250 prescriptions filled every day.