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SCALE Program

SCALE® (Sustainable Change and Lifestyle Enhancement): In 2014, WV Health Right developed SCALE®, a comprehensive program to promote weight loss and health status improvement for low-income uninsured/underinsured adults. The goal of the SCALE® program is to assist obese patients in achieving sustained weight loss through personal coaching, group support, nutritional education, improved diet, and regular exercise. Although weight loss classes had been offered through the clinic’s disease prevention and health promotion activities, SCALE® represents the first ongoing targeted weight loss program that incorporates diabetes self-management, healthy heart, exercise, nutrition, and healthy cooking. The key program strategies are: 1) Encourage healthy behaviors; 2) Access to healthy food; 3) Healthy cooking techniques; 4) Access to individualized exercise program. These strategies are implemented through personal goal setting, personal coaching, peer support, and Motivational Interviewing techniques. These strategies, coupled with incentives, have proven effective in empowering low income, at-risk patients to realize significant, long term health status improvement.

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What is the Scale Program

SCALE Program Overview

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Online Learning Opportunities

Foot Care 

Diabetes Medication Education

Fresh Mexican Bowls

Steak and Chimichurri Salad

Larry’s Egg Roll in a Bowl

Homemade Granola

Thai Basil Chicken

Salmon Dip




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