Leave a life-saving legacy with heart.

The support of our community is what makes WV Health Right’s mission possible: Together, we’re able to provide more than 43,000 medically-underserved West Virginians statewide with high-quality, often life-saving care. If you’re looking to extend our shared impact even farther, then we encourage you to consider partnering with us through Planned Giving. 

Planned Giving is a method of donating that integrates a donor’s charitable gift with his or her overall financial, tax, and estate planning goals to maximize benefits for everyone. 

Through Planned Giving, you can help WV Health Right strengthen our existing programs, expand our services, and reach even more individuals in urgent need of healthcare. 

There are several ways to give, such as:

Include a provision in your will or living trust to leave a specific amount, percentage, or residue of your estate to WV Health Right for enduring philanthropic impact.

Support our cause while receiving stable income payments for yourself or a loved one.

Donate assets while ensuring fixed annual payments to WV Health Right for a specific number of years, benefiting chosen beneficiaries later.

Establish a trust to provide regular donations to WV Health Right for a set period, with remaining assets going to beneficiaries afterward.

Contribute appreciated securities, retirement plans, insurance policies, or real estate to support WV Health Right’s mission.

Contribute appreciated stocks or securities to support WV Health Right while gaining tax benefits.

Designate WV Health Right as a beneficiary or transfer ownership of a life insurance policy to create a lasting impact without affecting your current financial standing.

Name WV Health Right as a beneficiary of your retirement account to make a taxwise gift supporting our critical work.

Gift your property to WV Health Right while retaining the right to live in or use it during your lifetime.

Thank you for helping us build a West Virginia where everyone has access to the care they need and deserve long into the future!

For more information regarding planned giving, please contact Dr. Angie Settle, CEO at 304-414-5931 or asettle@wvhealthright.org.

WV Health Right Planned Giving:

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**West Virginia Health Right does not provide investment or accounting advice. Please consult your financial advisor to make any transaction.